Dean Kaufman


March 21, 2019

After being contacted by artist Jenny Holzer’s studio, I contributed my photograph of the late artist/designer Tobias Wong’s arm for the current OFFICE MAGAZINE article on Holzer titled, ‘Paul Thek, Jenny Holzer: On The Body’. The image has gone on to be one of the covers for their latest issue #10 out this week.

At her 2002 show at Printed Matter in New York, Wong approached Holzer and asked her to write the maxim “PROTECT ME FROM WHAT I WANT”. She signed it in ink on his arm. Wong turned it into a tattoo in an act of expropriation typical of a strain of his work.

In concurrent news, Wong is the subject of the exhibition “Tobias Wong, Untitled (Golden)…” up until April 14, 2019 at The Bureau Of General Services – Queer Division in New York’s West Village. Curated by Dean MacGregor and Paul Griff.