Dean Kaufman


March 3, 2019

After being contacted by artist Jenny Holzer’s studio, I contributed my photograph of the late artist/designer Tobias Wong’s arm for the current OFFICE MAGAZINE article on Holzer titled, ‘Paul Thek, Jenny Holzer: On The Body’. The image has gone on to be one of the covers for their latest issue #10 out this week. At… (Read more)


February 2, 2019

New work with Supreme. Today. New [temporary] store opening. 190 Bowery – while Lafayette Street undergoes renovations.

The New Website / activated

February 2, 2019

The new website… Amidst deep shadows of the season, it’s arrived. Activated. Gone live. And I welcome you to spend a moment moving through the nonlinear narrative culled from the path walked and encounters shared over these past several years. So many to thank for so much. The invitation.

Marazzi / ww advertising campaign

November 11, 2018

Campaign for Italian tile manufacturer, Marazzi. Photographed on location in Antwerp and Puglia. Creative direction: Studio Blanco, Reggio Emilia.

Brutus Magazine, Tokyo / William Eggleston

June 6, 2018

A very special day last month spent with legendary photographer William Eggleston at his home in Memphis. Efficient with his words as with his use of the shutter, his hands shared long quiet progressions of notes and the valued silences between – improvised, fleeting, reflective, vital. Much like his iconic photographs. A prolific pianist since… (Read more)

NT TIMES T Magazine / 1980s Interior

April 4, 2018

For this week’s New York Times T Magazine’s Culture Issue, we recreated (and pulled back on) “a typically stylish early 198Os apartment in New York City, replete with design totems of the era. Uptown or downtown? More so than now, the type of life one lived in the city was determined by just where on… (Read more)

New Years 2018

January 1, 2018

My visual mantra for the new year. Warmest and most sincere greetings. From Collaborations With My Children / Tracks.

New Museum / 10 year anniversary on the bowery

December 12, 2017

On December 1, 2007 the New Museum opened its SANAA designed new home at 235 Bowery in New York. In addition to this 10 year moment, the New Museum is currently celebrating its 1977 founding 40th anniversary. Forever Fearless. As part of its stated core values, the museum finds, ‘the free flow of ideas and… (Read more)


November 11, 2017

Recent commission by the New York Times T Magazine, in print this Sunday, took me into the studios of four artists, Betty Tomkins, Judith Bernstein, Carolee Schneemann and Juanita McNeely. All have been producing their works on sexual themes for decades to little notice – if not outright persecution – from critics, curators and audiences…. (Read more)

Supreme / Grand Street

November 11, 2017

Recent commission by SUPREME. Twenty three years after Lafayette downtown, the October 5th opening on Grand Street in Brooklyn. The bricks, the bowl, the boards, the box…